the Shore Democrats:
Who We are and What We Do

The Shore Democrats is a social organization where members and guests meet monthly for lunch, camaraderie, updates on local and state Democratic news, and to listen to a speaker. During election years, many of our speakers are running for county, state or national office. In off-years, speakers are selected based on their knowledge and insight into topics of interest to Democrats and liberally minded Independents. Topics tend to include local issues regarding the environment, education, equal justice and increasing voter turnout. We work closely with the 38th Representative Democratic Committee, the formal arm of the Delaware Democratic Party.

We are committed to:

  • educating and informing the membership about issues and events of interest

  • electing Democrats to national, state, county, and local offices

  • supporting the goals and objectives of the Democratic Party

  • developing recommendations for inclusion in the Democratic Party’s goals and platforms

Although Delaware is considered a Blue State, Sussex County, the largest geographically but not in population, is very Red. The county is experiencing significant population growth and, not surprisingly, club membership reflects this demographic change and largely consists of comparatively new residents who are getting involved in their new communities. For many, the Shore Democrats provides a welcoming, friendly and interesting group of people with whom to spend time.


Our Mission

We share a belief in giving back to our community. Both as a group and as individuals, members donate their time and talent to helping others. Our members contribute nearly one thousand hours a year to more than thirty organizations helping others. This has included working with Habitat for Humanity, La Esperanza, La Red, and veterans homes; mentoring students; supporting Meals on Wheels; and collecting donations for the Food Bank of Delaware.

The club collects membership dues of $25.00 per individual or $40.00 per couple per year. This money is used primarily to support Democratic candidates who have won their primary election. During each election cycle, state and local Democratic candidates are invited to address the club and members of the public on why they are running for office and what their platform is. The club provides a forum for members to question candidates and for candidates to hear from voters. Under the club's bylaws, members can vote to endorse candidates, which the membership has done on several occasions.

Club members contribute significant number of hours, working on phone banks, canvassing door-to-door, getting out mailings, and similar tasks, to help elect Democrats. In election years, voter registration drives have been organized in schools, at local fairs, and wherever people are gathered. Our efforts have been successful in some but, alas, not all elections. Nevertheless an important part of being a Shore Democrats member is being a concerned Democrat fighting for democratic principles and ideals.