VOTING REGISTRATION INFO: For State wide Primaries and General Election

May 27 is Last Date to Change Voter Affiliation

The last date for 'unaffiliated' voters registered in Delaware who want to vote in the September 13 primary to change their affiliation status is May 27.   Approximately 25% of the voters in Delaware are registered 'unaffiliated'.  Since Delaware is a closed primary state, voters must be registered as either Democrat or Republican in order to vote in the primary.  Unaffiliated voters CANNOT vote in the September 13 primary. 
There are a number of candidates on the Democratic primary ballot for U.S. Congress, Lieutenant Governor, and Insurance Commissioner, as well as candidates from both major parties running for various Representative and Senate Districts and County offices.  If you are registered 'unaffiliated' and want a voice in determining which candidates will be on the ballot on November 8, you must change your status by May 27.  

(Also, if you are not yet registered to vote in Delaware, you have until August 20 to register to vote in the Sept 13 primary. The May 27 deadline applies to those already registered.)
Go to  for the voter registration form.  
Print it out, fill it out completely and
mail or take the completed Registration Application to:

Sussex County Department of Elections
119 North Race Street
P.O. Box 457
Georgetown, DE 19947