Democrats Take Note:

April 27, 2016


Delaware Winner: Hillary Clinton  

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Did you vote yesterday?  Did you get out on a beautiful day here in Sussex County and push that X next to the candidate of your choice on the voting machine? 

Not quite 30% of registered Democrats in Sussex County made it to the polls yesterday for the Delaware Presidential Primary.  Close to 38% of registered Sussex County Republicans went out to vote.  Again.....
                                      Democrats:   30%
                                      Republicans   38%

In all of Delaware, 70% of registered Democrats did not vote in yesterday's primary.  
If this holds in the November General Election, we could easily be dealing with President Trump as of January 20, 2017.

Some more numbers:
- Registered Voters in Sussex County, as of 4/1/2016:
                               Democrats            57,462
                               Republicans           57,864
                               Other Parties:      35,214

        The numbers of registered Democrats and Republicans in Sussex County is extremely close, as can easily be seen. 
        We have to make the Democratic party in Sussex County attractive enough that some of those who are registered with other parties....or no switch their affiliation.


- Number of Sussex County Voters by RD (Representative District): 

RD                     Dem Voters                               GOP Voters

14                          3378                                             3168

20                        2885                                             3329

35                        1031                                                2216

36                        1259                                               2141

37                        1790                                               2757

38                       2296                                               4512

39                       1144                                                 2178

40                       1101                                                 2207

41                       1448                                                2524

Tot                 16,332                                             25,032

- Registered Voters in the 38th RD by Election District (ED):
      (the 38th comprises the area from the Indian River Bridge to the Maryland line and west in a jagged line close to Rt. 113)


There are more and more Democrats moving in to Sussex County.....and more in the coastal area of Sussex registering and getting involved.  But, new to the area or not, we have to get out and vote!   We can't sit home and think our vote doesn't matter. what you can to encourage your friends and neighbors to get registered and show up on Election Day.   

Data taken from State of Delaware Department of Elections website.  The chart of Sussex County Voters by RD was compiled by Joanne Cabry, Chair, Progressive Democrats of Sussex County