Shore Democrats Honor Volunteer Efforts

Shore Democrats believe in community service and in giving back to our community. In 2013 Shore Democrats created an award to recognize and honor individuals who are outstanding exemplars of community service. It was named the Lois Lipsett Volunteer Leadership Award in 2014 following the death of one of the Shore Democrats’ founders, Lois Lipsett, who passed away in June 2014.

On December 17, 2014, at the Shore Democrats’ holiday luncheon at Cripple Creek Country Club, the Lois Lipsett Volunteer Leadership Awards were presented, posthumously, to Matt Haley of SoDel Concepts and also to Mary Thormeyer and Don Dillon of Ocean View.

Accepting the award on behalf of Matt Haley were representatives from SoDel Concepts: Jim Affeldt, Ronnie Burkle, and Jill Shepherd.

Jill Shepherd of SoDel Concepts (right), with Janice Jackson, Lois Lipsett’s daughter

The team of Mary Thormeyer and Don Dillon are involved in mentoring grade school children, aiding at the Hickory Tree after-school program and collecting clothing for children newly arrived in Sussex County. They regularly participate in Meals on Wheels, in our Adopt-a-Road cleanup, and as hosts for the South Coastal Library’s Beach and Bay Cottage Tour.

Mary Thorneyer and Don Dillon, recipients of the Lipsett Volunteer Award in 2014

In 2014 members of Shore Democrats participated in the Adopt-A-Road program picking up 300 pounds of trash; hosted a house on the South Coastal Library’s Beach and Bay Cottage Tour; donated $560 to the Food Bank of Delaware; provided foods for snacks to children in the Hickory Tree after-school program; collected 350 items of clothing and supplies for young people newly arrived from Central America, over 150 children’s books, and more than 90 articles of knitted clothing, all donated to La Red and La Esperanza.

Representatives from La Esperanza, Executive Director Claudia Porretti, and from La Red, past President Butch Briggs, received the donation of books and spoke at the Shore Democrats’ luncheon on December 17.

Claudia Porretti, Executive Director, La Esperanza

Butch Briggs, Past President, La Red