Dues Are Due!

Although dues for the calendar membership year for the Shore Democrats are usually collected at the December Holiday Lunch, that did not occur in 2016.  Dues are now due for the 2017 year. Dues remain the same at $25 individual or $40 for a couple.  If you're coming to the February 13th meeting at the South Coastal Library, you can pay your dues then or they can be mailed to:

                                                      Shore Democrats
                                                      P.O. Box 1543
                                                      Ocean View, DE 19970

Volunteer of the Year Award - Joanne Cabry

Joanne Cabry was awarded the Lois Lipsett Volunteer Recognition Award from the Shore Democrats for her volunteer efforts throughout the community. Truly a deserving recipient.

December 15, 2016

Dear Shore Democrats,

To accept the 2016 Lois Lipsett Volunteer Leadership award at the Holiday Luncheon was truly an honor and something I will treasure. As I mentioned at the meeting, when I looked around that room and saw so many of you that have done so much for our country, community, and party I was humbled and felt I was accepting the award on behalf of all of us.

It is especially meaningful to receive an award named after such a great person. Lois and I enjoyed talking about living in D.C. (which we both loved!) and our common experiences as teachers and counselors in public schools. Lois and I also enjoyed life after retirement as feisty grey-haired Democrats! I promise to honor her memory by continuing to speak out for those less fortunate as she did.

These are tough times for our country and our party, but I believe Ted Kennedy was right when he said, "We know the future will outlast all of us, but I believe that all of us will live on in the future we make." I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you to help create that future.

Thank you for the 2016 volunteer award. It means a great deal to me!


Joanne Cabry

Joanne Cabry

Results of Sept. 13th Delaware Primary Voting

Winners of the Primary Election on September 13

Here are the results of the primary election which was held this past Tuesday, September 13th, in Delaware.  Bbelow is a list of the winning candidates.  The General Election will be on Tuesday, November 8th.  PLEASE VOTE!!!





                                                  JEFFREY E. CRAGG (R)

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Our mailing address is:
Shore Democrats P.O. Box 1543, Ocean View, DE 19970


Good news on extension of background checks for gun purchases in DE

Governor Jack Markell signed House Bill (HB) 325 into law this past week.  This new Delaware law allows the FBI up to 30 days to complete a background check on individuals buying a gun in Delaware. 
The Senate passed the bill with an Amendment that reduced the number of days to complete the check to 25. Because the bill was amended, it had to go back to the House to be voted on with the Amendment.  It again passed the House. 
Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf was the only Sussex County member of the General Assembly who voted FOR the bill. If you would like to thank Pete for being a voice of reason, he can be contacted at Peter.Schwartzkopf@state.de.us

Alliance for Racial Justice Letter of Thanks to Shore Democrats

A big thank-you from Charlotte King and Carol Wrozek from the Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice for the very generous donation that attendees at the last Shore Democrats lunch meeting on April 20th made to the Alliance.   Charlotte comments:  "I am especially grateful for the donation that the group made to The Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice.  It was unexpected but a wonderful gesture on the part of the Shore Democrats.  Please thank all of the attendees when you have the opportunity to meet with them.  Also, give them my regards.".

Charlotte noted that many of the people at the meeting signed up to receive the Alliance's emails, but that she couldn't make out the email address that was written down.  If you would like to receive the Alliance's emails, please email Charlotte at charlottefking@aol.com.  


Tom Carper letter on Seismic Testing


Letter from Senator Carper re Seismic Blasting

A couple members of the Shore Democrats wrote a letter to Senator Tom Carper about offshore drilling and seismic testing off the Atlantic coast.  Senator Carper responded with the following letter, which should be of interest because of the actions taken recently by towns up and down Coastal Delaware.

                                                                                       May 11, 2016
"Thank you for contacting me to express your concerns regarding seismic testing and Atlantic offshore drilling. I appreciate hearing from you on these important matters.

"Let me begin by saying that I have always believed we should pursue an all-of-the-above strategy to meet our country's energy needs – everything from solar and wind to natural gas should be on our radar screen. While I don't believe we can drill our way to energy independence, I have supported limited exploration in the past if it is done without jeopardizing the health of our environment or diminishing states' interests. I believe it is possible to strike this balance. In Delaware, our beaches and coastlines play a critical role in the state's economy by attracting millions of tourists each year. I believe we must be mindful not to compromise our environment and our tourist economy as we consider any activity off our coasts or the coasts of neighboring states.

"I have heard growing concerns from stakeholders and constituents, like yourself, regarding the possible environmental impacts from the usage of seismic testing for offshore energy projects.  As you may know, seismic testing is the surveying technique used in the preparation of a myriad of offshore energy development projects, including offshore drilling and offshore wind projects.  Seismic testing can provide information about the location and amount of offshore oil and gas reserves and can provide information about the ocean floor conditions needed for offshore energy installations. While seismic testing is necessary both offshore fossil fuel exploration and renewable offshore development, it is important to note that not all seismic testing is the same.  For fossil fuel exploration, seismic testing involves firing loud shots of compressed air through the water miles into the seabed in search of oil and gas deposits. Renewable offshore projects, such as offshore wind, use a less intrusive form of seismic testing. This form produces less intense sounds and covers a much smaller area than fossil fuel seismic testing.  Seismic testing cannot commence before receiving a permit from the Bureau of Ocean Management.

"As you mentioned, on March 15, 2016, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management updated its draft proposal for the 2017-2022 Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program. The updated proposal removed all areas off the coasts of Atlantic states for offshore drilling. That means as of now, although there is a potential for seismic testing in federal waters offshore of Delaware, there is not a potential for oil and gas exploration leasing in the near future. I will continue to closely monitor this proposal and any possible proposals for Delaware seismic testing to ensure we do not unduly jeopardize the health of our environment and our economy.

With that being said, we must develop a long-term, comprehensive energy policy to achieve energy security and independence. Moreover, as additional oil and gas are produced in our country, I believe that those domestic resources should be used here at home. I am hopeful we can work with the administration to develop clean energy off our shores, such as offshore wind. As a former Governor, I have seen the benefit of cooperation between the federal government and the states to achieve shared goals like preserving and protecting our environment.

"In the long-term, our nation must make a stronger commitment to reducing our energy demands largely—though not entirely—through conservation and investments in clean, safe nuclear power and renewable energy alternatives. I strongly believe that America's current energy policy is out of step with today's energy needs, and we urgently need a long-term vision for our country's energy future. I have enough faith in American technology, ingenuity and know-how to believe we can provide that leadership without endangering our nation's economic growth. In fact, if we're smart about it, we will end up strengthening our nation's economy, create hundreds of thousands of new "green" jobs, and create products and technology that we can export around the world.

"Again, thank you for contacting my office. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future about other matters of importance to you.

"With best personal regards, I am,

Tom Carper
United States Senator"


Filed Democratic Candidates --
Here is the list of Democratic candidates who have filed with the Delaware Department of Elections for the September 13 primary:

Congressional Seat:
                Bryan Townsend
                Sean Barney
                Lisa Blunt Rochester
                Mike Miller
                Russell Eugene Walker
               John Carney                                       
Lieutenant Governor:
               Ciro Poppiti                                     
               Brad Eaby
               Greg Fuller                             
               Kathy McGuiness                             
               Sherry Dorsey Walker
               Bethany Hall-Long
Insurance Commissioner:
               Karen Weldin Stewart
               Trinidad Navarro
               Paul Gallagher, Jr.

14th Representative District
               Pete Schwartzkopf
               Don Peterson

37th Representative District
               Paulette Rappa

County Council District 3

              Leslie Ledogar

VOTING REGISTRATION INFO: For State wide Primaries and General Election

May 27 is Last Date to Change Voter Affiliation

The last date for 'unaffiliated' voters registered in Delaware who want to vote in the September 13 primary to change their affiliation status is May 27.   Approximately 25% of the voters in Delaware are registered 'unaffiliated'.  Since Delaware is a closed primary state, voters must be registered as either Democrat or Republican in order to vote in the primary.  Unaffiliated voters CANNOT vote in the September 13 primary. 
There are a number of candidates on the Democratic primary ballot for U.S. Congress, Lieutenant Governor, and Insurance Commissioner, as well as candidates from both major parties running for various Representative and Senate Districts and County offices.  If you are registered 'unaffiliated' and want a voice in determining which candidates will be on the ballot on November 8, you must change your status by May 27.  

(Also, if you are not yet registered to vote in Delaware, you have until August 20 to register to vote in the Sept 13 primary. The May 27 deadline applies to those already registered.)
Go to ivote.de.gov  for the voter registration form.  
Print it out, fill it out completely and
mail or take the completed Registration Application to:

Sussex County Department of Elections
119 North Race Street
P.O. Box 457
Georgetown, DE 19947

Democrats Take Note:

April 27, 2016


Delaware Winner: Hillary Clinton  

To see all results go to: http://elections.delaware.gov/results/html/stwres.shtml

Did you vote yesterday?  Did you get out on a beautiful day here in Sussex County and push that X next to the candidate of your choice on the voting machine? 

Not quite 30% of registered Democrats in Sussex County made it to the polls yesterday for the Delaware Presidential Primary.  Close to 38% of registered Sussex County Republicans went out to vote.  Again.....
                                      Democrats:   30%
                                      Republicans   38%

In all of Delaware, 70% of registered Democrats did not vote in yesterday's primary.  
If this holds in the November General Election, we could easily be dealing with President Trump as of January 20, 2017.

Some more numbers:
- Registered Voters in Sussex County, as of 4/1/2016:
                               Democrats            57,462
                               Republicans           57,864
                               Other Parties:      35,214

        The numbers of registered Democrats and Republicans in Sussex County is extremely close, as can easily be seen. 
        We have to make the Democratic party in Sussex County attractive enough that some of those who are registered with other parties....or no party....to switch their affiliation.


- Number of Sussex County Voters by RD (Representative District): 

RD                     Dem Voters                               GOP Voters

14                          3378                                             3168

20                        2885                                             3329

35                        1031                                                2216

36                        1259                                               2141

37                        1790                                               2757

38                       2296                                               4512

39                       1144                                                 2178

40                       1101                                                 2207

41                       1448                                                2524

Tot                 16,332                                             25,032

- Registered Voters in the 38th RD by Election District (ED):
      (the 38th comprises the area from the Indian River Bridge to the Maryland line and west in a jagged line close to Rt. 113)


There are more and more Democrats moving in to Sussex County.....and more in the coastal area of Sussex registering and getting involved.  But, new to the area or not, we have to get out and vote!   We can't sit home and think our vote doesn't matter. Please....do what you can to encourage your friends and neighbors to get registered and show up on Election Day.   

Data taken from State of Delaware Department of Elections website.  The chart of Sussex County Voters by RD was compiled by Joanne Cabry, Chair, Progressive Democrats of Sussex County